mercredi 5 janvier 2011


Nos chats n'ont pas le droit d'aller sur la table de la cuisine...
Simone, on le sait, y va quand même. On l'entend descendre quand on arrive dans la cuisine.
Voilà la preuve!


Our cats can't go on the kitchen table.
Simone, however, goes anyway. We hear her get down when we come in the kitchen.


Est-ce possible d'être plus fatigué qu'un chat?


Is it possible to be more tired than a cat?

5 commentaires:

kitchu a dit…

oh this made me smile! cats are sneaky and wonderful :) love how you captured yours actually jumping off the table.

and thank you so much for visiting my site!

knack a dit…

...thank you so much for visiting knack!

We have a little stray cat that entered our yard, and she has become ours....I love her personality and am glad that she found us! I also have a friend who had a cat always getting up on the table and they used scotch tape on top of the table.....the cats didn't like it, so they wouldn't get up there anymore. I thought that was hilarious!


gabilil a dit…

Merci merci pour la petite visite et pour tes voeux!!!Cela me permet de découvrir ton blog et tes jolies créations.Je vois que l'on a un point commun(ohhh non je ne suis pas une artiste malheureusement) mais je veille aussi tard que toi...
Belle et heureuse année 2011,et à très bientôt.

la casita a dit…

ha ha, gotcha!
thank for visiting : )
happy 2011!

Maria a dit…

haha I know what you mean:) they're sneaky!

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